Charles University

Faculty of Arts, Department of Social Work, Prague, Czech Republic

Department of social work is an integral part of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. This faculty is one of the original faculties which were founded in 1348 by the Roman emperor Charles IV. It is one of the biggest and most important humanistic institutions, which has more than 8 thousand students and more than 7 hundred employees. There are three key study branches at the faculty – philological, historical and humanities.

The department was established after the Velvet Revolution in the very early 90s of the 20th century. Nowadays there are two undergraduate degree programmes realised as well as the PhD study programme. It is the bachelor, Master and PhD level of social work. In the BC and MA study group there are around 25-30 students in each group. In the PhD level there are only individual students each year (2-5). BC programme is structured for 3 years and master programme for 2 years. The PhD lasts four years. Undergraduate study plans are made up by compulsory subjects, compulsorily selected subjects and freely selected subjects as well as compulsory trainings in different social organizations each semester (50/60 hours).

Research at the department is aimed at this topic:

  • professionalisation of social work, models of education in social work and qualification prerequisites for the performance of social work;
  • evaluation of psychosocial interventions, multidisciplinary teams in care of persons with long-term mental illness, care for the elderly – support for informal carers;
  • role of probation officer, social work in criminal justice in the field of assistance to victims of crime;
  • state intervention in the interest of the child during divorce, effective forms of assistance to the child during divorce proceedings, programs for risk youth;
  • the potential of a social and solidarity economy in the development of localcommunities

The department also issues biannually a scientific journal Social Work Forum which focuses on the theory and practice of social work, social policy and related disciplines. The core part of the journal is formed by peer-reviewed academic papers. Further section presents examples of good practice or work methods that could serve as an inspiration or model. It also contains a section dedicated to abbreviated versions of final student theses. Full articles are available on the internet to all readers immediately upon publication. The journal is indexed in SocIndex EBSCO and no fees are charged for the manuscript submission, processing, and publication.

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