Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Social Work and Social Policy, Skopje, Macedonia

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (UKIM) is a public higher educational institution and the first state university in the Republic of Macedonia. UKIM is a comprehensive and largest university in Macedonia, comprised of 23 faculties, 5 research institutes and 4 public scientific institutions. The University enrolls about 37 000 active students, 31 270 of whom are in the first cycle.

The Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje is the oldest higher education institution in the Republic of Macedonia. The first standardized studies at the Faculty of Philosophy were initiated in 1920, which marked the beginning of the university education in Macedonia. Nowadays, the scientific community of the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje is represented by 111 professors and associate personnel, and approximately 4000 students enrolled in the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. The Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje consists of 12 departments, from humanities and social science disciplines, including: Philosophy, Pedagogy, History, History of Art and Archaeology, Classical studies, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and Social Policy, Security Defence and Peace, Special Education and Rehabilitation, Gender Studies, and Family Studies.

In relation to its international cooperation, Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, as part of the UKIM, has established cooperation and joint educational programs, double and joint degrees, including research projects in the European programs and bilateral partners, exchange, mobility, organization of scientific and other academic events. Faculty of Philosophy, as part of the UKIM is a member of the Academic networks: UNICA, ERA, CEEPUS, EUA, IAU, UNI-ADRION and other and has taken part in the Erasmus Mundus Networks: Basileus, JoinEUSEE, Eraweb and Euroweb. In the academic 2018/19, Faculty of Philosophy is coordinator of one Erasmus project (2018- 1-МК01-КА203-047104), partner in three international scientific projects (HORISON 2020 project RETOPEA, Visegrad Fund project, European Value System), three other bilateral projects, and is contributing to three CEEPUS networks (CIII-SI-0113-12- 1819: ARHEOPED, CIII-SI-0906-04-1819: Pedagogy and Andragogy in Central Europe (PACE) and CIII-HR-1107-03-1819: Philosophy and Interdisciplinarity).

The Institute of Social Work and Social Policy become part of the Faculty of Philosophy in 1984. Previously, as of 1960, it functioned as a College for Social Work. Nowadays, the Institute offers BA, MA and PhD studies in social work and social policy. It enrolls around 60 students per year on undergraduate studies and currently has 400 active students on all levels of study. The Institute offers one BA program in Social Work, two MA programs (MA in Social Policy, MA in Social Management) and one PhD program in Social Work and Social Policy. It also offers one specialization in Social Work in the Health sector. The Institute’s staff is highly engaged in international activities and networks. The Institute and its teaching personal are currently members of: East European Sub-Regional Association of Schools of Social Work, European Association of Schools of Social Work, European Social Policy Network, LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion in SEE, Southeast European Social Policy Initiative, Eastern European Social Policy Network. The Institute staff also coordinate  the work of four candidate and pre-candidate countries (Bosnia, Monte Negro, Albania and Kosovo) within the European Social Policy Network.

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