Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary

University ELTE, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Social Studies, Budapest, Hungary

website: https://tatk.elte.hu/en/units/institute-of-social-studies

The special programme in Social Work and Social Policy established within Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in 1982. This special programme joined to other departments (such as Theoretical Sociology, History of Social Theory, Social Research Methodology, and Social Psychology) and transformed into the Institute of Sociology and Social Policy. The Institute was a pioneer at the time, as it was here that Hungary’s first ever courses in Social Policy and Social Work were organised. In 2003, the Institute was joined by other departments of ELTE University to form the new Faculty of Social Sciences.

Nowadays the Faculty of Social Science covers the wide range academic fields such as sociology,  economics,  social  policy,  international  relations,  political  sciences,  social psychology, cultural anthropology, health policy, statistics, community development and minority studies. The Faculty considers the academic and professional activity equally important. We encourage the critical thinking and support tolerance and openness. We respect the human rights and multi-culturalism.

The Institute of Social Studies consists 1 BA programme on social work and 4 MA programmes on: social policy, social work, civil and community development studies, and social pedagogy. The ELTE university and the Institute of Social Studies have a leading role in the higher education and research in the social field in Hungary. (The Faculty has a doctoral programme on social policy and social work as well. There is a strong relation between the PhD programme and the Institute of Social Studies.) The Institute of Social Studies has 2 departments (Department of Social Work, Department of Social Policy) and has app. 110 BA students and app. 150 MA students, app. 20 full-time teacher/researcher and app. 25 part-time ones. We combine the theory and practice. It is important to involve the students into field work, research and developments.

The Institute is deeply involved in research and development of the social sector in Hungary. The teachers and researchers are recognised both at national and international levels. The main research interests are: theory, history and contemporary problems of social policy, child- protection, poverty and social exclusion, employment policy, theory and practice of social work, disability policy, minorities, other social problems of the different social groups.

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