University of Belgrade

Faculty of Political Science, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Belgrade, Serbia

The University of Belgrade (BU) is the oldest, the biggest and the best ranked university in Serbia. It consists of 31 faculties, 11 institutes and 13 centres. It is a state- owned university.

The Faculty of Political Science (FPN) is one of the faculties from the group of the University of Belgrade. It started its work in 1968, as the first teaching and scientific institution of that kind in Yugoslavia. Today it consists of four departments – for Political Science, International Politics, Journalism and Communication Studies, Social Policy and Social Work.

The Department of Social Policy and Social Work is the oldest institution educating social workers at the level of BA, MA and PhD studies. Currently MA studies are organized within two modules Social policy and Social work. PhD studies are integrated studies of Social Policy and Social Work.

Studies are organized in line with the Bologna Declaration standards, including the European Credit Transfer System.
The Faculty organizes undergraduate and graduate – specialized, MA and PhD studies, development and applied research, specialized innovative courses, trainings and workshops. The number of undergraduate students accounts for 500 per year. The number of master and PhD students accounts for app. 300 and 100 per year respectively.

International cooperation, on a very diverse basis, is a high priority.
The Faculty has been closely cooperating with many foreign academic institutions, such are the School for East-European and Slavonic Studies of the University of London; French National Foundation of Political Sciences (Sciences Po), Faculty for Health Education and Social Work of the University in Trondheim, Norway, University of Atlanta in the field of journalism; EHHES, Paris; London School of Economics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, etc.
FPN participated in Tempus programmes “Example of Excellence for Joint (Degree) Programme Development in South Eastern Europe“ coordinated by the University of Graz, “Developing Human Rights in the Heart of Higher Education” coordinated by the University of Roehampton, UK, and was the coordinator of Tempus programme „Development of Policy-Oriented Training Programmes in the Context of the European Integration”. It was a consortium partner in graduate studies “Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development for the Balkans and other areas in transformation” – University of Trento / Erasmus Mundus Program. In addition, FPN was a consortium partner in the EU New Neighbourhood Program project “Social Inclusion of Immigrants”, financed jointly by EU INTERREG IIIA and CARDS Programmes and in a FP7 project MeCoDEM coordinated by the University of Leeds.
At the moment it is a partner in two ongoing EU-funded projects: Erasmus K2 with the University of Stirling, UK, and Jean Monnet Network with the SEERC, Thessaloniki, Greece, and consortium partner in two joint MA programmes carried out entirely in English – Interdisciplinary Joint MA Programme in South-Eastern European Studies and Regional Peace Studies.

The Faculty closely cooperates with the OSCE Mission to Serbia, foreign foundations and embassies. Within the cooperation with OSI/HESP and the Fulbright Foundation, the Faculty hosted international professors and provided international experience to its own staff. Besides, a large number of distinguished domestic and foreign professors visited the Faculty and gave lectures on various topics.

The Faculty also has publishing activities, appropriate library and documentary funds. Within the Faculty there are several research centers for specific research fields.

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