University of Banja Luka

Faculty of Political Science, Department of Social Work, Banja Luka, BIH

University Education in Social Work in Republika Srpska started at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Banja Luka in 2000 and by the establishment of the Faculty of Political Sciences in 2009, the Social Work Study Program became one of the four study programs at this Faculty.

The social work curriculum at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Banja Luka was licensed in 2010. The first change of the mentioned curriculum and study program according to the Bologna Declaration (for 4 academic years – 240 ECTS points) was completed in 2013, within 20 ECTS points and included the introduction of subjects whose contents followed the changes in the legislation on social protection and harmonization names objects with subject contents. Other changes were made in 2016 within 60 ECTS points, with prior consultation with interested parties (competent ministries, social welfare institutions, social workers’ associations and students).

Over the past 17 years, 1191 students enrolled in this study program, and during the same period 496 students were graduated.

During a four-year study, students acquire various theoretical and methodological knowledge from a wide range of sociological, legal, political, psychological and pedagogical disciplines. A key place and special attention is given to disciplines from the scientific field of social work, which are classified into three major areas of study: Social Policy, Theories and Methodologies of Social Work and Social Work Areas.

At the end of four years of studies, a graduate social worker is eligible, whose academic education can continue on the second cycle of study and the third cycle of study.
The second cycle of the study program Social Work was licensed in 2011 as a unique social work program and in 2018 a new four-directional program was licensed (Contemporary Social Work with Children and Family, Social Sector Management, Social Policy and Mediation in Social Work) .

Doctoral study on social work is part of a unique PhD program in the field of Social Work and Social Policy, licensed in 2016.
The Social Work Program program has also enriched its programs with a special program for the socialization of social workers with higher qualifications since 2015.

The study program involves 37 teachers and associates working in the University of Banja Luka. Choice in scientific field Social work has 9 teachers and associates (5 associate professors, 1 docent, 3 senior assistants).

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