University of Sarajevo

Faculty of Political Science, Department of Social Work, Sarajevo, BIH

The Faculty of Political Sciences, one of 24 bodies of the University of Sarajevo, was founded in 1961. Its half-century in academic education makes it one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s oldest public academic research institutions in the field of the social sciences. The Faculty has five teaching departments: Political Studies, Sociology, Communication and Journalism Studies, Security and Peace Studies, and Social Work. The Faculty has four organizational units devoted to teaching, academic research, publications, and professional and administrative affairs. More than one hundred academics (teaching and ancillary staff) are involved in the Faculty’s teaching programme, which now includes more than 130 undergraduate and graduate-level syllabi. The bachelor’s degree courses last three years (180 ECTS) and the master’s degree courses last two years (120 ECTS). The Faculty also offers third degree-level doctoral studies, lasting three years (180 ECTS).

Five years ago, in line with the reforms being introduced at the University of Sarajevo guided by the spirit and ideas of the Bologna Declaration and other key documents relating to the European academic world, the Faculty of Political Sciences carried out a radical, innovative reconstruction of the curricula, designed to respond to the challenges of our time. The Faculty has a diverse student body of about 3,500 students of all types and years of study, including full-time students, students funding their own studies, and external students, in addition to almost 1,000 students completing their studies according to pre-Bologna curricula.

The Faculty of Political Sciences offers students a solid basis for the professional abilities they will require for their careers in various government bodies and institutions, corporations, the media, cultural and education institutions, and further studies at the Faculty or at similar faculties. To date, more than 40,000 students have enrolled at the Faculty of Political Sciences, of whom about 10,500 have already gained a degree in one of our study programmes. More than 300 students have defended their master’s thesis and almost 200 have defended their doctoral dissertation.

In the light of the experience and positive achievements of similar faculties in the region and beyond, the Faculty of Political Science’s teaching staff, researchers and associates are determined to provide current and future generations of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a range of acknowledged, high-quality study programmes comparable with the majority of advanced studies in Europe. In this transitional period currently taking place in in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whereby higher education is focused on an interdisciplinary academic approach, the Faculty of Political Sciences will continue to develop the practical, applicative aspects of knowledge in the wider context of the social sciences and the humanities.
Since 1985, the department of social work is an integral part of the Faculty offering bachelor, masters and doctoral study programs in social work. Nonetheless, social work education dates back in 1958 as the College of Social Work has been established offering two years study program. Today, study program is organized as three years bachelor study, two years masters program (three study programs) and an interfaculty doctoral program. The department staff consists of nine teachers and 2 teaching assistants,in addition to collaborative teachers from other university institutions. In the academic year 2018/2019 in total 294 students have been enrolled at the bachelor study level and 138 at the masters study level.

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