University of Zagreb

Faculty of Law, Department of Social Work, Zagreb, Croatia

The University of Zagreb is the oldest Croatian university and also the oldest university in South East Europe. The university was officially founded 23 September 1669 by Emperor and King Leopold I Habsburg. As a comprehensive public Central European university, University of Zagreb offers education and research and in all scientific fields (arts, biomedicine, biotechnology, engineering, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences) and a broad spectrum of courses at all study levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate. With 29 Faculties, 3 Art Academies and the University Centre for Croatian Studies it is the flagship educational institution in the country, a place where more than 7900 teachers and 72480 students develop knowledge and acquire skills.

The Faculty of Law is one of the oldest institutions of the University of Zagreb. The Faculty traditions are related to the beginning of higher education in Croatia. When in 1773 Pope Clement XIV had dissolved the Jesuit order, Queen Maria Theresa undertook comprehensive reforms in the system of education and by her decree of 1776, the Royal Academy of Sciences (Regia scientiarum) was established as the highest educational institution. The Academy consisted of three faculties: the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Law (Facultas iuridica). The earlier Political-Cameral Studies (established in 1769 in Varaždin) for the education of the Croatian administrative personnel were merged with the Faculty of Law. The first professors of legal sciences were elected upon applications to the announcements, and the Queen officially confirmed their appointment. At the first formal session held on October 11, 1776 it was determined that the academic year would start on November 4, 1776 and therefore this date is regarded as the day of establishing the Faculty of Law. The final extensive curriculum (Ratio educatonis) was issued a year later, i.e. in 1777. After the establishment of the Republic of Croatia, the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, the oldest of the four faculties of law in the country, has strengthened international scientific co-operation. Its members participate in the work of foreign scientific institutions and cultivate co-operation with scientists in other countries. In its third century of existence, the Faculty of Law in Zagreb has proved to be the source of Croatian nation-building spirit and free thought, the guardian of the Croatian culture and the representative of the Croatian legal school as one of the centres of the Mid- European legal tradition, and as such it is distinguished in the country and abroad. Its members, being aware of the role which the Faculty had in the past, in the present social environment act in the spirit of the rich tradition of the school of law they belong to. They greatly contribute to the creation of the Croatian legal system, establishment of the rule of law and education of new generations of lawyers on the best European legal traditions.

The Social Work Study Centre is an organizational unit with the legal status of the Faculty branch. The Centre conducts scientific research and highly professional work in the sphere of social work and participates in the conduct of the social work study programme. The education of social workers in Croatia started in the year 1952 and continued until today. The study is organized as four year bachelor study and one year graduate study of social work and graduate study of social policy. Five postgraduate studies are also provided as well as one joint doctoral study of social work and social policy. Total of 35 employed teachers are included in the education along with numerous of field instructors and collaborative teachers from other high school institutions. Annually 160 students enrolls to the bachelor study and 130 students to the graduate studies of social work and social policy.

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